Shifting focus, using minimum depth of field and smallest aperture.

_DSC7270 (1)

I decided to get photos of my wifes tulips i recently brought her, my objective , to get minimum depth of field through using small aperture, and at full zoom, then shift focus, useing the tripod, i could have still gone to a slower ISO. i was at 200 ISO

The first shot concentrates on the front tulip, and from there, fades to the flower at the back, as you will appreciate, i have used minimum depth of field with the focus on the leading tulip, but then I decided, to simply shift focus to back tulip, i also used spot metering for these shots, both were done in full manual mode.

_DSC7271 (2)

Now you can clearly see the difference in the focus. I will  also upload the other shot showing maximum depth of field with in the tulip, using minimum aperture.

My two digital cameras


One night in Adelaide, I was lucky to see this amazing technology, two betacam decks connected to one of the earliest video editing computer systems, it was an amzing site.

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Video has certainly come a long way, since i seen Sonys first hybrid system in Adealide,A beta cam deck connected to a computer,watching the two interact with each other, was just amazing. I now have HD deck at home with a JVC camera, still tape but wishing for a memory card system, so I can instant injesting with AdobeCC6.Imageideo 

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